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Why cant i get used to my glasses since 2 years

i m 18 male and i have terrible headaches since 2 years, which has ruined my life. I went to several eye doctors who gave me the same prescription "+0.25 left eye,+0.50 right eye" but somehow they dont get my headaches gone and althought ii wore my glasses 24 hours for 2 months in between  the period,but failed to get used to it.So at the moment i m without glasses.

PLZZ help me out whats my problems,either the headache r not caused by bad eyesight or what??-
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Perhaps the headaches have absolutely nothing to do with needing glasses.  That may be a possiblity.  Please make an appointment with a neurologist for an evaluation of your headaches.  In the meantime a visit with an ophthalmologist would be helpful to get  a second opinion to see if there is indeed any ocular component to your headaches.  

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