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Why crystalens range of vision is poor


Since crystalens implant 4 months ago, I cannot seem to get a clear answer on why I do not have close (reading) or intermediate (television) and definitely not distance (driving).  Can only see in a limited area which is somewhere between reading and intermediate.  Why such a short distance when monofocals can cover two out of the three sections.  My understanding is that the lens is positioned correctly but the strength was off .  I have -1.50 refractive error and visual acuity is 20-200 to 20-100 uncorrected and 20-60 to 20-50 corrected.  Lasik is proposed. ( I also have retinal pucker and some retinal edema and surgery has been recommended)
Thank you.
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I would start by getting at least two more opinions about your problem. First Crystalens are not usually put in eyes with macular disease with subnormal vision. Second this is a common problem with multifocal IOLs and why 20% at least wear glasses some or most of the time.

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Here's a non-professional opinion:  You have two problems.  (1) Your Crystalens is the wrong power, and you are mildly nearsighted.  Possible fixes include YAG and laser vision correction.  (2) Your vision is impaired by a macular pucker (aka epiretinal membrane), which is probably the source of your macular edema.  Retinal surgery to peel the pucker is the solution.  Current evidence suggests that early surgery produces better visual outcomes than delayed surgery.  You can read more about this condition at www charles-retina com.  Dr. Charles ranks among the top retinal surgeons worldwide.    
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Thank you both for your helpful answers.
I want to say that everyone here has shown me such patience and understanding in these trying times.   Every answer seems to raise a new question in my mind and all of the doctors and members have never let me down. I often think that I would like to voluntarily send a token donation for each of the questions I've had answered  - - - pls let me know if you ever set that up...
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The 5 physicians are all volunteers and serve without pay or compensation by the Am Acad of Ophthalmology.

If anyone wishes to make a donation to be used for eye research please do so at the Reseach to Prevent Blindness.


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Dear Dr,

I have Cataracts in both eyes and had surgery three weeks ago with Crystalens implanted in right eye.

Apart from one hour after surgery when my sight in the right eye appeared wonderful I have been unable to see properly. All detail is blurred; I can see my outline three feet from a mirror but no detailed features; straight lines are distorted; (i.e. door frames picture frames etc) and vision from this eye appears to be via a green glass window.

After the first week I had further laser treatment to remove cloudiness but my eye sight remained exactly the same with the same symptoms and distortions.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Macular degeneration (wet) and given an Avastin injection in the eye and advised that it could take several months for me too see from this eye.

I am a male 66 years old and very worried, particularly as I also have untreated cataracts in my left eye. I have also lost confidence in the surgeon in view of the change in diagnosis and the failure of the original surgery.

Any help or advice as to what has happened and why and how I should proceed from here would be very much appreciated.

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