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Why do I see blurry,semi transparent circle in my central vision

I am a 28yr old male. I do not have history of diabetes or cardiovascular problem. I can see blurry,semi transparent circle at the central vision of my right eye.I just noticed it two days ago but I dont really know when did it actually start because it is really not noticable while using both of my eyes. I could not read really small texts when I try to use my right eye.The texts become blurry within the range of that floating circle . I also find it hard to see a persons face or a wall clock in detail in a semi-dark area but I can easily see it using my left eye. I suspect that this could be due to my exercise routine (strenous planking,shadow  boxing and  running ) and drinking too much coffee. I dont smoke or drink alcohol. What could it be?
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It doesn't sound like a vitreous floater which is the best thing it could be. Since it doesn't move and it's interfering with your vision it likely represents problems in the macula or the part of the retina that we read with. It could be diabetic swelling or swelling due to a problem in young males called central serous maculopathy      You need to see an eye MD ophthalmologist very soon and have a macular OCT test.
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Thank you for your reply. I will  follow your advice.
Thanks, I misread your post and thought you did have diabetes.  Doesn't change advice. You need ophthalmologist and macular OCT.    Central serous retinopathy/maculopathy needs to be ruled out as well an other macalar disease like neovascularization due to something like histoplasmosis.
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