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Why is the left lens of my new glasses slightly blurry?

Just for reference, this is my Rx: R: SPH: +5.50 CYL: -3.00 AXIS: 135 L: SPH: +5.75 CYL: -3.50 AXIS: 41

It’s been months of getting glasses remade, due to measurement errors and my inability to adapt to aspherical lenses (always has spherical lenses). Finally, my latest pair of glasses seem almost right. I was told a lens that mimics some of the effects of a spherical lens was used, in the hopes that in the future I would be able to eventually adjust to aspheric lenses.

Vision in my right eye is perfect and clear, but I’ve noticed that looking through th left lens is slightly blurred and if I tilt my glasses to my left, the vision in the left lens sharpens. I mentioned this to my Dr, but he only rechecked my vision according to my records and didn’t look at the glasses. (I only mentioned that when I tilted my head to the left it sharpened my vision in the left lens, not sure if it makes any difference to mention tilting the glasses)

I’m currently waiting on Rx sunglasses to be made and was wondering if I should mention the left lens being blurry when I go in again?

Thanks in advance.
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First of all your left eye (LE) is not going to be as strong or see as well as your RE because it has much more astigmatism. Many people with your type of glasses prescription (RX) have severe amblyopia in the more astigmatic eye and terrible vision. Your glasses RX is a nightmare to prescribe, to make and to wear.  Like the ancient mariner you are likely to wander endlessly from eye doctor to eye doctor unhappily if you don’t just stop and accept it the way it is.  This will be the case likely the rest of your life, be glad you see as well as you do.  Your problem is not aspherical lens as these give better vision than spherical lens. Also given the way glasses are ground depending on the distance your are looking you may see better looking a little high, low or off center. That changes the RX for that distance   If you have children they have a high chance (about 20%) of having the same problem so be sure they are checked by a pediatric ophthalmologist about age 2 1/2 to 3 as your type of glasses has high association with eye muscle problems and reduced vision in one eye (amblyopia)
Thanks for your response and explanation.

I just needed clarification as to whether it could be an issue with the lens being on the wrong axis or whether this is normal, as I’ve never had this issue with glasses before. My left eye is never as clear and ‘comfortable ‘ as my right with glasses, but it has never been blurry.

Thanks again for your response, it’s appreciated!
You are welcome. I always hold my breath when I write a RX for a pair of glasses like yours and tell my patient it will not be love at first sight.
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