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Why might I have ghosted, delayed vision after waking up?

Twice now upon waking up I have been met by a very strange sight.  My vision has ghosted as I look around, so I see several layers of images - like a photo with extremely long exposure.  It has cleared after I blinked a few times, but it is a very strange sensation and I am a little worried.  

I have very dry eyes which have always caused blurry vision in the morning, but this is different to that.  I have mildish diplopia and have a reading glasses prescription for prism +1.5 in both eyes, though I never filled it and don't wear glasses.  Both times I have seen this, I woke up early or went to bed late, so I guess I was pretty tired.  I also have anxiety which causes some weird stuff, but I don't see how it would cause this.  

I'm a young adult and was at the optometrist only a few months ago, who did the photo of the back of the eye (it's standard here, I don't know if it is in other places).  Other than a tiny mole which has been there for years, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

I should add that I don't have any other symptoms and feel fine otherwise, except that my eyes feel rather strained this morning.  Could the weird vision be cause for concern, or am I worrying unnecessarily? It's only in the morning, and clears quickly, but it's still not normal.  Has anyone else experienced this? Could dry eyes, tiredness, and/or diplopia be the cause?

Many thanks all.
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Sorry, I meant to write "mildish phoria".  I do not regularly see double!
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Problems present upon awakening that clear quickly (say less than 15 minutes) are almost never serious. The most common causes are the cornea drying while asleep, mucous accumulating in the eye, the retina shifting from dark vision system (scotopic) to bright vision system (photopic)   There are many postings similar to yours here.
Thank you so much! It is a disconcerting experience, but good to know it's nothing to worry about.  Have a lovely day :)
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