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Will looking up close in a full correction worsen eyesight over time?

I have medium myopia and I'm about to get a new prescription.
I have an office work so I spend most of my time looking up close.
Question is, will wearing a full correction (to read the chart 20/20 at a distance) make my myopia worse, given how much I do close work?
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What is your glasses prescription and what is your age and are you Asian?
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Sorry for late reply, forgot I posted.
glasses around -6 Dsph, -3 Dcyl, twenties, caucasian.
It is generally accepted that prolonged near work (read, computer, iPhones, iPads, video screens, crafts) in the young can cause myopia to develop and progress.   Some optometrists and a few ophthalmologist prescribe bifocals for young myopes to try and relieve reading (accommodative) stress.  The problem with you not wearing full corrections is it will significantly degrade your distance vision.   With your prescription generally toric contact lens give better vision than glasses and after your glasses RX stabilizes you might consider refractive surgery.
So in my case you would recommend contact lenses of the proper far perscription? Or shall I ask to take the shperic diptres a bit down?
You have too much astigmatism (cylinder) for a regular soft contact lens and would need a toric soft contact lens.  Discuss with your eye care professional but the standard practice is give the full distance prescription.
That is what I was told too (wrote here just for a second opinion). I'll be sure to include some time looking at a distance too.
The reason you will see better with CTL is the image will be larger than with glasses.  If CTL don't work well refractive surgery should work.
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