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Will the blurred and defocused vision clean up after surgery

I had  cataract surgery on both eyes in Sept.09  about 2 weeks aparts.  Restor IOL were installed.  Since the first surgery I have had blurred and decocused vision I was told by my doctor that the brain needed to work together before good vision would happen.  It seems as though after the second implant I only double my problem. My distance vision is not very clear and is very haze, my near vision is extremly poor ,blurred with ghosts or double vision all the time.  Before the implants I had 20/20 near vision after the surgery I cannot see anything clearly. My doctor has me using Systane eye drops six times a day and Xibrom twice a day. Please give me you thoughts and possible solution to this problem.  Thank You

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Use the search function about ReStor.  Get a second opinion.

Dr. O.
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If you've searched, you probably found quite a few people with waxy vision due to ReStor lenses.  I also had Restor implanted in September, but only in one eye.  It's been almost 4 weeks now and my distance vision is still blurry.  I've just about lost hope now and am thinking of getting it explanted and a regular lens implanted.  My vision is good in the morning for a couple of hours at most and blurry the rest of the day.  The near vision is okay, but not great.  I had realistic expectations about the ability to read without glasses so that doesn't bother me.  However, the distance vision is not acceptable.

I think there were a couple of people on this forum who found that their vision improved with time.  Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones.  It would probably be a good idea to get a second opinion as I plan to do.  Good luck to you.  
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