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Worse vision after cataract surgery

I had my right eye done over a month ago.  An IOL was inserted and my vision was wonderful.  In a few weeks it had regressed some, but my doctor assured me the left eye would be my distance eye and I would be amazed at how well I could see.  He said I might need readng glasses, but I've worn them since I was 40, so no big deal.

After my left eye surgery, which was two weeks ago, I can no longer see well for distance, middle or mid vision.  The doctor has me on Onmipred 12 drops a day in each eye.  I have been doing this for a week with no result.  I can no longer drive an night and am teriffied to drive during the day because of my poor eyesight.

Everytime I go to the doctor he says the lenses are in place, the surgery went well and he will try to find a solution to my problem.  I have not been at work for a week (doctor's excuse) since I am required to do a lot of techincal data entry.  I have been making way to many mistakes lately, plus I'm scared to drive.

I am really worried about my future (job, quality of life, etc).  Has anyone else had any problems like this?

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Two weeks is still early postop and there is probably still some inflammation in your eye.
I would stay the course. Write out your questions to ask your doctor so you can feel satisfied that they are answered as it is easy to forget them at the office. You will probably do much better when your eye has stabilized enough to get your final pair of glasses.
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Thank you for your comment.  I am still wondering why my right eye (that was excellent initially) has regressed.  I have a doctor's appointment today, I asked him this last time but he skirted the issue.
I am really terrified of losing my job.
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