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Wrong Prescription/Permanent Damage?

My son has been wearing glasses without the proper prescription for astigmatism for the past 4 months.He is 12 and has been wearing glasses since he was 4.
His prescription is  O.D. +0.75   sph
                              O.S  +3.00  -1.75
At the beginning of the 4 month, I started to notice him blinking  both eyes a lot. 2 weeks after the blinking began, his left eye would blink and remain almost fully closed for an extended period of time while the right eye remained open.  In addition, his left eyelid was droopy.We explored all avenues as to why this could be happening and could not find an answer. Finally, we gained knowledge that the script for astigmatism was left out of the new lenses that were made. He has been wearing the proper lenses now for the past 10 hours and I see a great improvement. Could my assumption be right that the left eye closing/drooping was a direct result of him accommodating? Could any permanent vision damage/loss have occurred because of this issue? If not, when can I  expect to see 100% improvement?
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It is not clear whether the prescription you provide is the correct or incorrect one, and in any event I would need both to compare.  However since the problem appears to be resolving after a few hours with the new glasses, all should be well in a few days.  At his age, no permanent hard could occur.
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