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Xalatan question

Does anyone take Xalatan? I picked up my new bottle of Xalatan today and I noticed the pharmacist didn't take it from the refrigerator, but took it off the shelf where she keeps all her prescriptions. I asked her if she shouldn't have had it in the refrigerator since yesterday when I called in the refill. She said one day out of the refrigerator would not harm the unopened Xalatan. When I got home I put it in my fridge.
Would the one day out of the fridge in the pharmacy have damaged the Xalatan.
Some people have told me that "It is only for prolonged storage before opening that it makes any difference."
Can anyone help?
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No problem.  That is the brand name for latanoprost which is the most widely used glaucoma medication in the world. It is fine to store at room temperature and not refrigerated just avoid freezing and extremes of heat.

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Thank you. I am referring to an UN-opened Xalatan. Instructions say to refrigerate unopened Xalatan at 36 - 46 degrees. That is why I questioned the pharmacist keeping the Unopened Xalatan out of the fridge for one day. I've always kept unopened Xalatan in fridge.
I am in my seventies and just don't want to do the right thing.
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The instructions date back almost 2 decades ago when Xalatan first came out. At that time it was shipped with ice and those are when the instructions were drafted.  2 decades later it is recognized the active ingredient  latanoprost is much more stable than thought.  The directions however cannot be changed. Such is the mind-numbing rules and regulations of the US   FDA.  We do not refrigerate our office samples.    
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Thank you so much for your reply.

Just so I am perfectly clear on this,...
So by the pharmacist keeping it out of the fridge for one day it did not cause any 'damage' to the Xalatan, and it is okay to use the Xalatan as soon as I finish my current bottle? Correct?
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Sorry for this add-on. (I am just a bit nervous now.) I meant to say above:

So by the pharmacist keeping the
out of the fridge for one day it did not cause any 'damage' to the Xalatan, and it is okay to use the unopened Xalatan as soon as I finish my current bottle?

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Thank you. Therefore, I will not be at risk using this unopened Xalatan that was kept out of the pharmacist's refrigerator for one day.
I always wondered why the Xalatan said unopened bottles had to be kept in fridge, while their instructions say that "During shipment to the patient, the bottle may be maintained at temperatures up to 40°C (104°F) for a period not exceeding 8 days." 104 degrees for 8 days, and here I was wondering about 1 day in a temp of around 70 degrees.
I know I have been a pest and keep repeating myself (I am a nervous person, as you probably guessed) and want to thank you for your patience in answering my many questions.
Someone said at one time that I was a 'perfectionist.' I don't know if that is true or not, but I like to think of myself a little (very little) like Albert Einstein who said "Never stop questiong." But that has gotten me in trouble with quite a few doctors lately.
I am so glad I found this forum. Thanks again.

P.S. My neighbor just sent me a note about an article she just found on the Internet which reads: "Xalatan does not degrade in effectiveness if not kept in the fridge. I store samples in my office for up to 3 months, UNOPENED. (room temp 72) "
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Don't let this keep you awake at night.
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Thank you.

Yes, it was keeping me awake. Them saying that it could be kept in temp of 104 degrees for 8 days while in mail (even in hot summer weather in postman's pouch) had to confuse more people than just me.

(It seems the older you get, the more time you have to worry. And many people don't want to listen to your problems. Thank God I found you and this forum.)
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I now have the unopened bottle in my fridge until I run out of the current bottle I am using. Hope that is okay.
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Indeed it is.
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