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YAG 2 months ago multiple questions.

Is it normal that after 2 months passed YAG, to still see star busts at night from the headlights and street  lights, during the day they are  circles of light around the lights . Is it normal  to have my vision not perfect after paying so much money ? , kind of light blur, my eyes feel tired all the time like I am just getting up in the morning  ?. I can read quite well without glasses except that I have to bring the magazine closer and the slight blur. I have multifocal  Acrysoft IQ Restor Toric IOL OL 20.0 D. Od 19.5 D. Done  Sept 15  and Oct 17 '13  I was told that I would be freed  from glasses. Except for the light blur and a C dark shadow on the right side it is not too bad but I worry a bit.
I had a retinal tear 2 years ago  had laser and stayed with bolts of light in my vision both eyes when it is dark I only see them if I go up the stairs  my  ophthalmologist   sees me q. 4-6 months. Since surgery I have flickers of light when I move my head from side to side, noticed that only in the dark.  he told me that I should not restrain from exercises , I am 70 so....

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I would not use any glue on your eyelids.  Some people benefit from taping their upper eyelid but most don't do that because of the cosmetic appearance.  Your surgeon should have warned you that the visual disturbances you have were a potential side effect of the lenses that were used.  It's likely not because the YAG didn't work.  In extreme cases, those lenses can be exchanged.  You need to discuss with your surgeon.

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Complementary questions.
I have eyelids ptosis both my upper eyelids and can not afford corrective surgery for a while , I read once that some people would use false eyelashes glue, I would not dare to do it without asking a specialist.
In the morning I feel like I have arthritis in my eyelids for about 15 mins. What can I do to help. ( crazy glue? ) I heard that it is done too !!!
Thank you so much for your help on this forum It is too bad that I did now about it before surgery. Mind you I did not researched  too much because of all the negative I saw online wanted to keep a positive open   mind
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I am very disappointed of the results of the surgery,( the starbursts)  I was not well educated before , one of his staff walk me through the different lens telling me that I will be free of glasses,The surgeon is an excellent one but his bedside manners are somewhat not very good. After reading here for days I realized what is happening to me. My way to deal with lemons in life is to make lemon juice. I have to deal with this the best way I can, I will not go in surgery an other time   I will see him in about 4 weeks and see what he says  but he is known to be one who will find you a good patient if all is fine according to his book.
Thank you for your help.
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Good luck.  You may want to talk to his assistant to better inform patients of the possible side effects of these lenses so future patients feel fully informed when making their decisions.  It makes it easier to live with if you made a conscious decision knowing you may have these side effects.

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I read a lot about the multifocal Restor lately. I have the Restor toric. Up to now I should say that I am happy to be able to read all fields without glasses I can even pull eyebrows without glasses that is a big improvement, reading is a bit harder in dim light but that is not a big problem I can adjust. The blurr will surely get better with time. The problems are the starbursts and the rings around the lights mostly LED  and the lack of contrast like black thread on black fabric but that might be too much to ask for. When asked by surgeon about  what I do most as activities I mentioned  sewing and craft , for me important.
Well, I read a lot about Restor here and most are older postings. Are the lens  better in the last 3 years ?  Will starbursts have a chance of  diminishing  with time ?  I REALLY want this to work. I put all my economies in them. They have to work !. I read about neural adaptation exercises.  Is there something you can direct me to ?  Online or exercises I can do to help adapt faster ?. Cheap,because I did put all my eggs in the same basket.....should know better at my age  ; (
I will talk to that assistant who sold me the lens, like you said knowing before would be  easier to get over but now I have some information and  I should get over and do with...
I can say that I might have gone for the same lens having had a better information . Glasses were hard on me to wear I am just starting to loose marks on my nose. I hope never depend on them as before. Wishful thinking ?
Thank you for your replies I appreciate a lot
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we a similar story, and now I am being advised to have the lens replaced with a "basic" lens that gives me no power at all.  since my surgery I am being told I have corneal erosion, I did not have it or was not told about it prior to surgery.  I was given the same "free from glasses" explanation, except for very fine print.  Now that it is not happening it is being said I have corneal erosion.  Keep posting on your progress please.  I have the tecnis multi focal but this surgeon also uses the Restor, multi focal lens, he only suggested the tecnis. lens for me, and yes I paid extra too.  So far I have had only one eye done.  It has been a nightmare.
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