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YAG LASER RISks and side effects

Hi l had successful cataract surgery 6 months ago with vivity lens, My optomestist said l am starting to form PCO early stage but l havent noticed any change to my vision. In terms of the risk and side effects is it better to have YAG laser now in the early stage or is it better to wait until the PCO is more advanced or does it not matter when l have the YAG. l read about risks of retinal detachment and the laser shifting the lens, is that very unlikely, also what is the risk of floaters from the laser is the common , thanks
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Bunnings, I had no issues other than a few rather large floaters or debris floating around for a few weeks.  My eye was blurry for about 24 hours and then it cleared up.  No eyedrops post Yag.  I did use artificial tears as my eye felt a little scratchy for a few days.  IF, and I stress IF, the Dr agrees you need it, I wouldn't hesitate to get it.  This is not the type of surgery that is urgent.  It really isn't a big deal at all and painless.  5 minutes and done.  

I am not a Dr. but If you should notice anything abnormal post op, contact the Dr. right away.  Abnormal = pain, redness, swelling, retina detachment symptoms (shower of many floaters, light flashes,  blank spots - shadows etc.).  My dr. checked my retinal prior to and 2 weeks after the Yag.
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I have had yag done in both eyes following victrectomy to repair retina detachment and then cataract repair.   It was very painless and yes, some floaters for a week or so which have settled.   Dr did a thorough retina exam before and about two weeks later.

Of course my nature is to expect the worst and worry.  Of all the surgeries I had this was a piece of cake.    Couple of zaps and done.  Good luck.   Jim
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l had SLT laser for glacoma before , is YAG laser for PCO alot like that, is it just as safe as SLT with no more risk
SLT is totally different, the lasers are different type.  That being said a Yag Cap Laser take much less t ime. For me about 1-2 minutes.  Both are low risk.  With Yag Cap very small increase in risk of RD in some high risk eyes.
I have had both YAG and SLT in my right eye.  I didn't get the YAG procedure until PCO was significant enough to affect my vision with cloudiness and reducing visual accuity even with eyeglasses.  The YAG cleared that up right way for me and was a very quick procedure,  SLT took a little longer to do and the effect on reducing IOP wasn't verifiable until weeks later.
In the unlikely event of a retinal detachment , can that be repaired by the surgeon , what percent of people who have retinal detachment from YAG laser end up losing all or partial vision permanently
95% of RDs can be reattached by retina surgeons HOWEVER that does not mean the vision returns to normal. In high risk populations a YAG Cap may increase risk from 2-5%. Hard to generalize since studies exclusively on high risk patients are small. For the general population likely the risk increases less than 1%
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The indications are the same as for cataract surgery, don't do anything until you are symptomatic and it is a problem.  The risk of retinal detachment (RD) varies with factors such as how near-sighted the eye was prior to cataract surgery, family history, trauma, etc.  Many people see new floaters for several days to weeks after YAG CAP but most settle down.
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thanks ,  once you got some PCO even a small amount does it always progress and get worse over time until you need YAG , is it almost certain l will need yag laser
Both of mine started about 6 months after the cataract surgery.   They got progressively worse.    It was like I had a cataract again.  The dr held off until I was having noticeable degradation on the eye chart along with difficulty driving at night.
At the office today I saw two patients that definitely need a Yag Cap for PCO, however I also saw 3 that were no worse than they were a year ago.  Can't generalize about how fast the capsule will film over.
xitjim how was your yag laser surgery, did it go well
For reference, I didn't get noticeable PCO with gradual clouding of vision in my right eye until about 3.5 years after the cataract surgery in that eye.
So my right eye cataract surgery was done in Sept 2017, and I got the YAG procedure in Mar 2021.  My vision in that eye cleared up right after the YAG and its still perfectly clear to this day, about 2 years after the YAG. With my latest pair of eyeglasses (with high quality progressive lenses and the newer Trivex material) my right eye vision improved to 20/15 or better and nice and clear/sharp.
Thanks NHG
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