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YAG Laser for PCO

I have had cataracts done for both my eyes many years ago.  Now my left eye has been diagnosed with PCO and my doctor has recommended YAG laser.  I understand during YAG laser they will punch a hole approximate 12 mm diameter more or less through the posterior sac of the capsule which holds my IOL.  My only fear is this : I am into martial arts.  Would my active martial arts training dislodge the IOL through this hole created by YAG laser?  What if I get hit in the head?  Thanks.
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I am not aware of any drops which can reverse PCO (posterior capsule opacification).  The YAG laser capsulotomy opening is actually smaller than the size of the lens optic, which is usually 6 mm.  The IOL is not likely to be displaced through the opening during martial arts activities.  However, it goes without saying that anyone, YAG capsulotomy or not, should protect his eyes from a direct blow, which could be very damaging.
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What about Can C Carnosine Drops?  Are they safe and effective for reversal of PCO?  Thanks.
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