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YAG laser post cataract surgery - twice??

I had cataract surgery only one month ago, with a toric lense implant. I am 58 years old and in excellent health.  Within 2 weeks, my distance vision started to deteriorate and I saw a criss-cross starburst pattern when looking at headlights at night.  My eye surgeon used the YAG laser on my eye only 3 weeks post op.  He said my (young) age and good immune system caused my capsule to become hazy rapidly.  It is now 5 days post the YAG procedure, and suddenly my starburst problem is worse than ever - very long, thin streaks of lights coming from some bright lights at night. ??  I am afraid to have YAG done again as I had a retinal tear in the same eye several years ago.  I was told the YAG might have to be done twice. I don't understand why that would be necessary and would appreciate an explanation. I will be seeing my dr. again soon. thank you!
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58 is not all that young and having to do second Yag capsulotomy is rare. I suggest you discuss at length with your surgeon and see if you come away with a satisfactory explanation. If not then suggest you see an Eye MD ophthalmologist that does refractive surgery. IF you live in USA find one near you at www.geteyesmart.org

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I just had the second YAG treatment done and so far so good.

I recall the first treatment with YAG the surgeon zapped maybe 5 times? It was really quick.

Two weeks later I came in and it was like a white sheet over my entire vision. He performed a second YAG which I think I heard the "zap" about 20 times.

It hasn't clouded up again, although he did say the possibility for a 3rd isn't out of the question as my eyes just heal "oddly". He mentioned something about fibrosis.

I have retinitis pigmentosa so my eyes are a whack job anyway.
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Thanks for the information. JCH MD
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