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Yellow plaque on the eyes

I was recently diagnosed with pinguecula.  Prior to an MRI with contrast in 2017, I had no yellow plaque.  Most recently, one of the yellow patches was seen as "lateral" and I was told by the doctor that was unusual and usually had a secondary cause.  Are any Ophthalmologists familiar with gadolinium and NSF?  Thank you.
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Pinguecula are due to age and sun exposure.  In some cases wearing contact lens. NEVER due to MRI.  The role of sun is easily understood, these only occur at 3 and 9 oclock and not 6 and 12 oclock where the upper and lower lid covers the cornea. Also more common as you go towards the equator.  Not the MRI in 2017,  you can't blame everything that happens to you now on a MRI in 2017
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I never had pinguecula prior to the MRI, and did not "age or have too much sun exposure" overnight.  I have 24 hour urine tested positive for gadolinium retention 5 months post MRI.  Now that urine testing for Gd is available, more and more people are realizing their mysterious and undiagnosed symptoms are Gd related.  Please educate yourself on the yellow plaque (similar to pinguecula) caused by gadolinium and referred to as a symptom of NSF.  Denying the heavy metal toxin "gadolinium" found in MRI contrast is not harmful only continues the myth that MRI contrast is safe.  Does it make common sense to you if your body is retaining a toxic heavy metal, with no biological function, there would be no adverse effects to the body, especially when given in such a large dose?  Please review the following NSF Clinicopathological-Definition.  There are pictures of NSF caused yellow plaque which appears very similar to pinguecula.  I also have a study which showed that gadolinium breaks through the blood brain barrier and goes into the eyes, which I will look for and post once I find it.  It would be very helpful if you would stop the drug manufacturer mantra and read the studies.  There are many of us who need help, not denials.  Thank you.
And btw, in the diagnosing criteria for NSF, the necessity of having poor renal function is a lie.  We have cases of NSF with good renal function and cannot get a doctor to publish.  After months and even years, gadolinium retention is gadolinium retention, no matter the status of your kidneys.
"Similar to a pingueculum"  is not the same thing as a pingueculum any more than a duck decoy is similar to a duck.  I told you what a 'real' pingueculum" is. The yellowish lesions on the eye that some purport due to the scan you had is a different issue altogether.  The alleged deposits on the you are referencing have not been associated with poor vision.  I'm sure there is a better forum for your contentions.  To restate to readers a "real" pingueculum is due to sun exposure or mechanical irritation.
Since my original question was I believe I was misdiagnosed with pinguecula and asked if any Ophthalmologist was familiar with NSF and gadolinium caused yellow plaque, maybe it would have been more appropriate for you to just have not answered the question since you are obviously not familiar with either NSF nor gadolinium.  Please educate yourself:
Best of luck to you with your problem and anger management.
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