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a very small piece of metal went into eye and I got it removed but ...


About three weeks ago I was drilling a wall which had a thin layer of metal of top of it and it contained brick below it. I got something in my eye while I was drilling, it was not a huge piece but it made my eye uncomfortable to the point which I had a hard time falling a sleep. So I ended up going to the ER to get it removed.

At the ER the doctor used a needle to remove it, after removing the metal piece he told me there is still some rust in there and it's a little too deep for him to remove with his needle. He said it should move more forward in a few days and if it bothers me I should go and get it removed.

My eye was feeling fairly comfortable after I got it removed but it started feeling like there is something in there again after around 5-6 days. I ended up going to an ophthalmologist to get it checked out. He said there is some rust in there and he scraped it off. I was feeling comfortable for about 4 days until I started feeling like there is something in my eye again.

So I ended going to another doctor as I was in a different state this time. She checked my eye and she said she sees more rust in there, and she will try to remove it all. About 3-4 days has passed and it still feels like something is in my eye. I'm starting to lose hope that I can get rid of this. I'm becoming a little worried and I'd appreciate it if you can answer the following questions.

The metal was right at the edge of my iris, can I be sure that it has got deep enough to hit my iris? could the three doctors all have missed this?

How many more days should I wait before going to the doctor again? It's been about 3-4 days since I last got it scraped.

Please suggest what I should do next if this does not resolve.

Best Regards!
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You definitely need to be examined again.  The ophthalmologist needs to look under the upper and lower lids, to be sure there is not a metal fragment there.  You also need a dilated exam to be sure there is no metal inside the eye.  A careful slit lamp exam will determine if the metal penetrated the cornea and hit the iris or lens.  If there is no residual metal on the cornea or under the lids, it is possible that the irritation you are feeling is due to the corneal surface irregularity resulting from the injury and the foreign body removals.  A bandage soft contact lens worn for a few days or a week may allow this to heal fully.
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