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acute ptosis

i woke up one day with my right eyelid drooping half way down my eye. its been about 3 days now, im not sure if there has been much improvement or if im just hoping there has. i have been to 4 optometrists who couldnt find any cause for it (two suspected Horner's syndrome) so they sent me to ER to get a catscan, which i did. nothing found wrong on the catscan either. now i am here it is still basically the same and my pupil in the affected eye is smaller than my normal eye. i dont know what to do at this point, please help me. i cant think of anything that may have caused it except the night before i took ecstasy, and i made sure to tell the dr's although im severely embarassed by it. i dont have any other negative symptoms in my eye or elsewhere in my body...
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You need to see a neuro-ophthalmologist and will need an mri scan of the brain.  You could have horner's syndrome with the smaller pupil but usually the ptosis is mild to moderate.    That would definitely be first on my list.  A partial third nerve palsy is also possible but the pupil would be either larger or the same size. Often times, the mri scan needs to be not only of the brain but also down into the neck and upper chest.  We had one patient where we discovered a carotid dissection and another with problems in the chest.  You have not seen the proper neuro-ophthalmologist or at least an opthalmologist yet.
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