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antihistamine drops and swelling veins

I would be grateful if I could receive your take on my condition.
I was prescribed Opatanol to reduce some swelling in my eyes (red veins appearing). Before I have had staph infections treated with an antibiotic. However, recent cultures have revealed just one staph epidermis. I have always had problems with some crusts appearing on eyelashes ( I suppose it is a mild case of blephartitis).
I just wonder if this swelling is due to irritants or staph or blephartitis.
I also have a mass of intolerable floaters in my eyes.
I have noticed that while taking Opatanol, my floaters get worse. Is it possible that the drops get into the vitreous and in fact might make floaters worse.
How long can I take Opatanol, would 10 days be enough?
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The optipranolol has nothing to do with the floaters so let's put that aside.  The "swelling" could be due to allergies in which case the optipranolol might help possibly and you can take that drop as long as you need to under the supervision of your doctor since it approved for allergic conjunctivitis.  The "swelling" could also be related to other things like fluid retention in the body or natural weight gain and puffiness due to age and genetics.  

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Thank you so much for your useful advice. That really made me think a lot about my condition. In case it is something related to water retention (I have hashimotos and take the thyroid hormone) or anything related to puffiness despite me not being overweight, is there any medicine for that or could that be an obstruction for any future eye surgery?
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