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any related issues out there

for the past year, I keep getting (pink eye symptoms) the doctors say its not pink eye though. Its always one eye (left eye) and it reoccurs every 2-4 weeks, and last for about 7-10 days. I am waiting to see an opthamologist. The optomitrist thinks that its a disease related to chrons (not chrons though) that causes inflammation in the body and that the eye is just a symptom. Has anyone experienced this or known anyone who experienced this before??  
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It is hard to say from your symptoms but it sounds like it may be iritis which is an inflammation on the inside of the eye. This can be a genetic tendency or other or unknown causes.  

If it is recurrent iritis, you need to be evaluated and treated by an MD ophthalmologist as soon as possible because such inflammations unchecked can cause glaucoma with irreversible changes or cataracts as well as other undesirable effects. Get checked soon.    
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is it coinsidential that its always and only the left eye that gets it?
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