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are over-the-counter artificial tears addictive?

Wondering if these are addictive like nasal sprays.   I have slight dry right eye noted when I had my vision checked and am wondering if I should begin using artificial tears, when I'm using a computer for instance, as a means of keeping the condition from worsening.  
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You should be fine.  Don't take the drops that are made to "get the red out".  Those can cause issues with prolonged use.  I had an issue with preservatives in the drops causing irritation - so I  use the 'Clear eyes preservative free' brand.  
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Note - I get the small bottle of preservative free, not the vials.  Over the long run I believe the bottles come out cheaper.  The vials come in a pack of about 30 or so and are supposed to be one time use after opening  - although I have used them until the contents were empty as long as they have a cap on them.
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  Do you store it in the fridge?

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Nope.  Most of the time I have a bottle I carry in my pocket.  I wouldn't let it freeze or sit in a hot car but don't think it matters.
Nasal sprays are not addictive.  Repeated use of nasal decongestants like Afrin can cause rebound blockage and set up a cycle dependency. However nasal SALINE spray is not a problem and wets the dry nose like artificial tears do the eye.  Non-preserved tears are more expensive than preserved. Most Eye MDs feel non-preserved are fine except if have to use 5 or more times/day, or history of problems with preservatives and perhaps for the first 4-6 weeks after cataract surgery.   Using a computer or any video screen reduces the blink rate and can lead to dryness.  Look away from the screen every 10 minutes or so, focus as far away as you can see and blink your eye firmly 5-6 times.
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