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blue sclera or pigmentation?

few moths ago I noticed a grey irregular patches on my (then)5,5 year old daughter's eyes!
they are tiny  a dot size,a lot if them(but not all)are connected to a vein.Some are quit big and very light in colour!
they are all separately but if they grow they will connect!
2 ophtalmologist tol me that it can be a thinning of the sclera or blue sclera.An optician told me it is pigmentation....
but have to say that the optician was the one that checked her eyes properly!
they all said it is nothing to be worried about!how can I not be worried when she may have blue sclera!but she is tall,very lively,never broke a bone!! think(from the pictures)that the grey patches started showing up on the beggining of last year!before her eyes were white and pretty,now they are mostly grey with veins(must check that with doctor) but month ago I noticed that under and above the iris the sclera is getting blue!!! it is not visible in sun light but at home is very visible! I don't know it this is how the thinning looks like or it is a real blue sclera! she is half iranian.her 14 months old sister has got few grey patches as well but as sharp in shape as her!please,help me!
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Hi, she has Axenfield Spots or Axenfield Nerve Loops...normal pigmentation around the veins on the white of her eyes. If she had true "blue" sclera, such as seen in Osteogeneis Imperfecta, there would be a diffuse and generalized blueness to her sclera.
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I am sorry
have one more question about the hearing because I read that with blue sclera children will lose their hearing?when that happens?will it always happen?
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So sorry for the mistakes but I am really tired!
I meant that her sister's patches are not as sharp or irregular as her older sister patches(but still some of them are oval,so it is  a mix)again sorry
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thank you for your answer
you wrote that if it would be a blue sclera there would be a  diffuse and generalized blueness to her sclera but she already got some hints of blue under and above the iris on her sclera! what does it mean!
you wrote is would be 'generelized' does it mean that it would have to cover all sclera for it to be actual blue sclera?
thank you

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