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blurred vision after cataract surgery

My 67 year old mother had cataract surgery on the right and left eyes in October and November 2007, respectively. She is a Type II diabetic who controls it with Byetta injections and oral ActoplusMet. It has been determined that there is some leakage in the eye caused by diabetes.
She was seeing clearly immediately following both surgeries, and a few days after she stopped using the Pred for the second eye she started experiencing blurred vision, haziness, lose of color, and extreme soreness in both eyes.
She can no longer see using the no-line bifoculs she got after surgeries.
The opthamologist put her back on the Pred and after a week there was some improvement, but some days are better than others. The doctor said it may take months for the inflammation to go away.
Having read many of the posts, this seems to be a fairly common 'side effect.'
Am I correct?
Should we keep an appointment with the doctor who will examine the amount of leakage she has or wait until this inflammation clears?
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She may have cystoid macular edema which can get better with anti-inflammatory drops or she could have diabetic macular edema which is worse and doesn't always get better and could need laser treatments.  
Regarding cystoid macular edema - I usually use a steroid like pred forte as well as a non-steroidal drop like Acular LS.  Sometimes a local injection of a long active steroid like Kenalog next to the eye can help.  You absolutely need to keep follow up appointment.  An OCT scan and fluoresceine angiogram are useful for making the proper diagnosis and monitoring treatment results.

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