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blurred vision after conjunctivitis( pink eye)from 5 months

i got conjunctivitis in right eye in 25th feb 2017, i dont use contact lenses,i have -1.5 power for both eyes,i use normal glasses.i used cifran( ciproflaxcin) eye drops 3-5 days later i went to doc , he tested and gave tobracid-f(tobramycin & flurometholone) . after using tobracid-f redness in the eye has gone in 2weeks,but blurred vision continued. .after regularly consulting doctor, in april i was told to stop tobracid-f & given "tears Naturale forte" for one month. in may blurred vision increased doc said there r scares and dots inside the eye which will heal by time, and gave flarex (flurometholone acetate),told to use along with "tears Naturale" using these two till date.at present some days little blurred and somedays more,its like shadows.

i have NO pain or redness or itching.,but this blurred vision is unbearable ,how long it will take to cure. did a lot of research but could not find any solution/treatment for this kind of problem.please someone help me.thanks
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today i am desperately writing this post bcoz my daughter got conjunctivitis( pink eye) last sunday. i dont want her to endup like me, so please please reply, thanks
The first post is highly atypical and most likely he had a unusual type of conjunctivitis called EKC or adenorus.  It's like saying someone got a cold, got pneumonia and died. That does not mean the great majority of people that get colds will follow that course. Be sure you daughter sees an ophthalmologist Eye MD or a pediatrician and the odds she will do very well.
thank you sir,i have already taken her  to doc on last tuesday ,but pink eye have not decreased till today ,so i am worrying .
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