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branch retinal arterial occlusion

I have just found out that my 45 year old sister (Cheryl) has been diagnosed with BRAO.

On April 25th, our family lost our Mother to Alzheimers. Mom passed away two weeks ago today on April 25th. My sister Cheryl has had the most intregal part in taking care of our parents out of the four of us siblings. I assumed that it could be stress related.

Family History:
Our mother's disease was preceded by the onset of a series of strokes beginning three years ago. June 30th, 2005, she had a stroke which caused her to fall on her head. She somewhat recovered her memory, however her first diagnosis was demincia, than most definitely Alzheimers disease.

Cheryl's personal history:
40plus pounds overweight
Exposed to constant second hand smoke for 17-years
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The primary risk factors for brach retinal artery occlusion: diabetes, hypertension, smoking, primary heart or carotid artery disease, obesity, blood disease such as polycythemia.    Stress is not a factor except in how it make worse the diseases listed above.

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