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bubble on retina "blister like"

in an earlier question this was the response:
if it is actually on the white part of your eyeAmblyopia
Eye its probably a phlyctenule.
the atricle above says phlyctenule is caused by staphStaph aureus food poisoning, but i ahve also seen them occur with excessive RUBBING.
anyway, they are not dangerous.  usually self resolving with no medicationAllergic reactions to medication
  if you have been rubbing it, stop.  if it persistes past a few days or worsens, go to the eyeAmblyopia
  even if it worsens and needs medical treatment its still not dangerous...only annoying.

But what if it is on the retina?
I work in a metal fabrication shop and think I may have had a piece of grinding wheel or metal on my eyelash and inadvertantly got it into my eye on the way home, maybe by rubbing or wiping my eye.  Anyways, I flushed my eye when I got home and had both my wife and my sis-in-law (she the family RN) look in it and both reported not seeing any objects but could see the irritation.  That was yesterday.  All day today I could feel the "scratch or piece" in there and when I got home, we discovered what looks like a small bubble on the outer edge of my retina.  Should I be concerned as it will be at least 2 days till I can see an eye doc, or will it go away??  What care besides Visene should I take?
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The retina is inside your eye. You cannot see it. If you think you have a piece of metal in your eye, it will not appear as a blister. Anything with iron in it will be very irritating to the eye and must come out. Iron rusts in the eye quickly and the rust must be removed as well. Frequently, small foreign bodies end up under the upper eyelid (they cannot go behind the eye unless shot there with a lot of force). You can try to flush your eye with a cup of warm tap water gently or you can buy a sterile eye wash that you should use to flush your eye and the area under the upper lid. If this does not solve the problem, try to find an Eye MD in your area possibly in the office tomorrow who can look at you. I am not sure what the "blister" is. It could be a cyst in the conjunctiva the thin tissue on the white part of the eye. Or, it could be a small fatty blob (pinguecula) which is common at the 3 and 9 oclock postion on the white part of the eye. If the eye is red, these little blobs really show up against the red background.
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Thank you for your help, maybe I should ask this a little different.  The "bubble" is at the 9 o'clock position, however it is on the colored part of the eye, just inside the outer rim of the color.  Is this any different then it being on the white portion of the eye??  Is there any more concern with this scenario than the other???  I may still try to see an MD before MON. if I can.  Thanks again.
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Hello I am a 23 year old male who has been suffering from central cereus retinopathy or multi focal chlorites for over a year now. Sorry if the spellings are incorrect. My vision was 20/20 when I joined the navy and now is 30-40/50 it varies. My right eye the better of the two has developed a stigmatism and blurred vision the left damaged eye when looked through with the right closed is like a fun house mirror ever thins is shrunken and stretched blurred and missing parts. I also suffer from migraines and hypertension all out of no where. I have seen 3 or 4 retina specialist and 2 to 4 ophthalmologist all say their is no cure or conflicting cures due to the elevated bubble being a millimeter away from my phobia. I am at a loss as to where to go from here any help or clarification would be great.
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