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bulging eye and high eye pressure

Having extreme eye pain and pressure (21mcg), along with pain in the back of the head.
Headache between the eyes and back of the eyes.
First I went to see ENT specialist and took a course of antibiotics since he thought that I have sinusitis.
Nothing worked. I went to see an eye doctor and confirmed that the left eye is bulging.
Doctor suspected that it may be brain tumor or thyroid problem (thyroid eye).
I am dizzy all the times. I also have chronic neck pain. Headache sometimes occurred and last for few months, but it comes and go. The doctor is recommending me to do a CT scan and thyroid test.
But my family doctor did not truly agree to do that because I have no signs of either thyroid problem or tumor problem, but said if I want to do the test is up to me...because I don't have health insurance and I have to pay out of pocket and that's what the doctor concern about.
In any case, I think I will do both test to make sure what is happening and to know what treatment to get.
My last blood test show I have high iron values (179) and irregular shape of red blood cells (?blasphemia?).
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Your eye doctor is right on target. You DO have signs of thyroid or tumor and you won't know until you get these tests. You may wish to also be seen by an oculoplastic surgeon or a neuro-ophthalmologist as recommended by your ophthalmologist. See if you can negotiate a price for your imaging studies with the hospital or imaging center.
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Thanks for the reply and info. That confirms my decision.
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I did more research on sinusitis that it could cause similar symptoms. When the case is severe it could turn to Meningitis. Could I slowly having meningitis or similar infection in my brain? As of today I head hurts incredibly, I feel like passing out anytime soon.
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