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bulging eyes

Our 10 yr old German Shepard just developed bulging eyes.  (7) days prior to us noticing this problem, he was put on Trimethaprim 480mg 1.5 times per day for an anal gland infection.  In conjuction with the bulging eye issue, he was having difficulty walking and was very weak.  Upon returning to the Vet, he tested positive for anaplasma, which he previously showed no signs of.  The vet did a battery of blood and urine tests and all have come back normal - thyroid, kidney function, white and red blood cell count, diabetes etc. He also tested for Glaucoma.  He did not test for Hypertension.
The vet said that the bulging eyes could be a result of pain, but I don't think this is it.  Any thoughts on what we should check for?  He is a very active for his age.
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I have no expertise here.  All I can say is that it sounds like he is very sick and could be "third spacing" or having leakage of fluid out of the blood vessels and into the interstitial spaces in the tissues resulting in fluid collection around eyes and other places.  Also could be allergic to antibiotic??  Just a few guesses.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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Good to see that there are some people who really care so much for their little doggies.

Hope ur dog recovers at the earliest.

But just out of curiosity, do u think that some dogs may have buldging eyes by default or that is  really not normal.

Secondly there are some people(unfortunatlely including me) who have lazye eyes(mine is a lazy left eye), so do u think dogs have lazy eyes too..

Probably they may, but no one really wud have bothered to report it or search for a cure, since at the end of the day, they may say 'itz only a dog'. But they have to realise that dogs r also living creatures.

Once again all the best to u & hope ur dog recovers soon.

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