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bump in eye

I am a 24yr old female and I was born with crouzons syndrome, up until now I have not had any medical problems, earlier this year my left eye would start to constantly be itchy, then I felt a bump develop between my eye and the bone/eye socket, it is becoming visible, when I touch it its soft but when I have a headache its hard to the touch, today (26 dec) I saw little pimples on my eye itself and it looks like I have a cataract, also in the morning I find it hard to open my eye and it constantly tears and gives off this weird smell, what could it be?
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Hi, I don't know what it could be without examining your eye. It could be a multitude of things including inflammatory (chalazion, hordeolum), infectious (preseptal or orbital cellulitis), neoplastic (basal cell carcinoma), benign (papilloma).  You should seek the care of an ophthalmologist. Best luck!
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