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camera flash spot

Hello, about 3 months ago i developed a camera flash spot in the central vision of my right eye. It is about the size of a dime if held 6-8 inches in front of my eye. It came on sudden, it lasted about a month, then it went away for about 2 weeks. Unfortunatly it came back and has been there for about 6 weeks. I notice that in this affected area that everything is smaller like words, lights are dimmer, i play pool and the balls evens look smaller when i cover my left eye and look through the affected eye. It is only in the central vision my periphrial vision is fine. The spot can change colors depending on what the lighting is, it has been green, blue, purple, transparent. And it kinda fades away between blinks. It is worse in dark lighting conditions, in well lite areas i can see almost normal with it. It's not really a blurry type problem like with words they look smaller but they still look clear as long as the lighting is good. Any help would be appreciatd. I have no insurance to be paying out of pocket just to figure out the problem is really not an option. I have no pain or anything like that just the vision issue. I had hoped it would go away on its own like before but it seems to be here to stay and i can't figure it out. I have had perfect vision my whole life im 38 now. And this thing shows up overnight makes no sense.
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Please Goggle idiopathic central serous retinopathy  and see if you have it.

Dr. O.
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I will thanks for taking the time to help :)
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Wow, that really makes the most sense to me. Thank you so much! Do you think the damage to the blood vessel could have been caused by high blood pressure? Because when it first happened i was drinking alot, and drinking really raises my blood pressure come to find out during a physical i had a 6 pack the night before and the guy said i need to get my blood pressure under control, but it's fine without drinking it seems. And finally do you recommend any things i could do naturally beyond diet and excercise? Of course i will be changing diet, and will be excercising. Im taking a vitamin supplement specifically for eye health. Im going to keep it monitored it been with me about 6 weeks this time, and it said it can last 4-8 weeks after first episode. If it's not right in a couple weeks im thinking i should give in and see an eye doctor in person, maybe i can purchase my own insurance or something. But this really sounds like my problem more than mac degeneration. Once again i know there is only so much we can do online but i really appreciate your input, thank you very much Mr. Rayoyakawa.
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