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can intermittent exotrpia become constant?

I'm currently 19 years old, I have had intermittent exotrpia for a very long time, my right eye turns outwards whenever I'm not actively focusing, can this become constant in the future and can it be cured?

I also have very high myopia in both eyes.
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Yes intermittent exotropia can deteriorate into constant out turning of the eyes. If so it becomes a surgical problem.
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Can it happen in adulthood tho?I've heard that it generally worsens and becomes constant  before at an early age, and can it be successfully fixed with a surgery?
Yes it can happen in adulthood.  Surgery is generally successful. You should consult an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in eye muscle problems (Strabismologist),  they are also often called "pediatric ophthalmologist" but most do adults also.
Thanks for replying doctor.

What are the chances of it becoming constant?is it only a possibility or is it guaranteed to happen?
Only a 'possibility' can give it an exact figure. If others in your family have the problem and/or it has required surgery in them that increases the risk.  If you eyes drift out daily that increases the risk. Part of the problem is the 'focus' muscle weakens as we get older .
Nobody in my family has ever had surgery for strabismus and my eye drift sout whenever I'm not focusing.Are there any non-surgical treatments available?and can my high myopia affect my eligibility for strabismus surgery?

Thanks for replying.
The role of eye exercises in intermittent exotropia is controversial.  If you ever need to have strabismus surgery extra care has to be taken when moving the eye muscles because in high myopia the white part (sclera) that the stitches are put is thinner than normal.  At some point you should have been seen by a strabismologist/pediatric surgeon. If you have not done so I suggest you schedule an appointment.
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