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cataract in only one eye

I am 30 years old and have recently been diagnosed with a posterior subcapsular cataract in my right eye only. My left is clear with no signs of any developing catatacts.  The Dr can't really tell me at this point a time line for when my clear (left) eye might also develop a cataract.  I am scheduled for lenses replacment/catarct surgery in a few weeks.  I am trying to decide what lesense to choose: a Tecnis, which 3 specalists reccommened or a standard mono lenses.  My question is will a multifocal lenses function okay in only one eye?  Will my cataract free eye have any problems working with it besides the standard neuroadaption that needs to happen with the implanted eye? I have looked through the archives but am having a hard time finding any posts with people who have had a catract in only one eye.  
Thanks for the help, advice.
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I guess I should mention that my current contact prescription for my left is -7.50.  So after the cataract surgery I will still be wearing contacts in my left eye.
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Ultimately you will have to decide. Most people would go with a monofocial IOL maybe with a target of about -1.50    After surgery you might want to consider lasik on the "good" eye and aim for a residual of -1.50 to 0.00

For most people a multifocal or accommodating IOL would not be a good choice.

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