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cataract surgery

I have already had cataract surgery.  I may be getting the Restor lens explanted from my left eye.  I have been considering mini mono-vision, but believe that my left eye is my dominant eye.  My  right eye has already been done and the vision, is 20/25, but was 20/20 before PCO set in.  This may revert back to 20/20 after Yag.  

Question:  Can the dominant eye be set for mini mono-vision?  I thought that it was suppose to dominant for distance, non-dominant for mono.  Please may I hear from you.
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Hi Dr. Hagan,

I read with interest your Journal of Dec. 2009 re: premium lenses in which you talked about dysphotopsia, foreign body sensation, and blurred vision as some of the complaints in premium lenses, in my case it is a Restor lens.

1.  Is dysphotopsia, unwanted visual aberrations,  halos at night, etc?

2.  What causes the foreign body sensation?  Is this due to dry eye?  I have
      been told that the Restor lens is not so forgiving of dry eye.  Could this
      sensation abate if the lens was explanted, and a monofocal lens

3.   Can the Restor lens, even after Yag, still have a slight ghost-like image
       in distance vision, and also near vision?  It took 18 mos. for me to get to
       20/25, but it is not a clear image.  I wonder if Yag will take of this, or make
       worse, or remain the same.  The PCO I have is very mild.  I don't have
       Saran Wrap vision.

Thanks for expert help.

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This depends on how dominant the eye is.  I have had a fair number of patient that by history an eye was dominant but became non dominant due to a cataract.  You can set for mini monovision and if after 3 or 4 months it does not work you can a piggyback IOL, IOL exchange, or LASIK or PRK.   You should discuss this with your surgeon.

Dr. O.
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