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cataracts, crystalens, lasik

I am 41 yo & had cataract surgery with Crystalens in Jan ’10.  After surgery, I had extreme night light sensitivity, blurriness in light, glare & halos. Distance was great, intermediate okay, & readers for closeup (mild). dr did YAG 3 months post surgery & said it would correct night/light problems. After YAG, vision changed in one eye so I left with distance in one eye & close up in the other. YAG didn't help with the problems I have from night & lights. I don’t drive at night because the bright lights, hard to watch TV because of glare & halos, get shadows on things sometimes that blocks me from being able to see it at all, if I’m talking to someone & lights are on near them, I sometimes have to put my hand over me eyes to block the glare. So now I’m left with all of these light sensitivity issues, & distance vision isn’t great unless I wear glasses, my close up vision is okay, my intermediate vision is pretty good.  I did go for a 2nd opinion (after all of this was done) & he pretty much agreed with everything my surgeon told me. The surgeon I go to is one of the top docs in my area. They both said that because I’m on the younger side for having cataract surgery more light gets in my eyes & that’s why I have the light problem. Included with Crystalens procedure was free Lasik if I needed it. I’m at a point where I think I need it. It’s extremely frustrating & discouraging. I want to have the Lasik done, but I’m afraidsomething worse might go wrong. I’ve been told that “this” will make it better, but hasn’t happened so far. I’ve put a lot of faith & trust into my doctor, but I’m afraid now about Lasik that things could get worse.  I’ve been holding out thinking maybe things will get better. After spending amount of money we did on Crystalens, it’s hard to admit defeat that it’s not going to get any better & I’ll only have mono-vision. frustrating that I still need glasses. I knew needing readers was a good possibility, but didn't expect this outcome.  Any advice?
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Dear momx2girls,

I would recommend that you try a contact lens for a few days to determine what it would be like if you underwent LASIK. This will help you to determine whether it will justify the possible risk.  Speak with your eyeMD about what other options like this might enable you to experience what it will be like.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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