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cataracts near vision

l am 47 recently diagnosed with early stage mild cataracts in both eyes. The only change to vision l have noticed past year  is in my left eye words close up within arms lenght seem blurry such as reading on the computer but when l put on reading glasses l can read the words well and they seem normal. This is only in my left eye l can still read normally close up with my right eye without glasses. my distance vision still seems good and normal in both eyes , 20/20 l think. My question is could the close up blurriness in my left eye be caused by the cataracts as l read one type of cataract can affect the near vision first. The blurriness in my left eye is fixed by reading glasses, if the blurriness was caused by cataracts would reading glasses not be able to fix it and it would still be blurry ?
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if l look in the mirror shining a light in my eye with a magnifying glass l can just make out a tiny white spec in the middle of my black pupil , l can only see it with the magnifying glass, do you think that white spec is the cataract
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No way I can tell. It could be a light reflex off the cornea. If it is a cataract and it that small it is not likely to be bothering you vision. See an eye MD ophthalmologist for an exam and to find out.
yes my ophthalmologist says l have early stage cataracts but l have'nt noticed any change to my vision except close up reading vision has gotten worse but l think they said thats normal at age 47 and when l put on reading glasses everything is crystal clear.  Do all cataracts or 99% of people diagnosed eventually need surgery or do some people get lucky and the cataracts stop expanding or the cataracts never seriously affect their vision
It is unusual to have cataracts at age 47. The risk factors for cataract development at young age are: smoking, heavy drinking, diabetes, obesity, extremely heavy sun exposure, certain drugs like steroids, family history/genetics, trauma.
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If the cataracts were a problem glasses would not make it clear.
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thanks so if glasses make the blurred close up vision ( arms lenght)  clear then the do you think the  most likely explantion is just normal change to eye as part of ageing in late 40's and not a medical problem , l have early stage glacoma as well as cataracts
That would be a guess and we don't 'guess' here. You would need to ask your eye MD surgeon that question.
thanks on a different topic, l am thinking about what lenses to go with when l eventually need surgery, l was reading the options and  l am trying to decide between either mono lenses set for distance in both eyes  or multi focal lenses. l dont want the thing with one eye distance and the other near . Being able to drive and watch TV and enjoy outdoor scenery without glasses is more important to be then not needing glasses for reading. But obviosly l would prefer not to need glasses to read if l can . Apart from the extra cost what is the downside of multi focal lenses. Is the distance vision not as clear of sharp with mono lenses set for distance. If multi focal are as good as the sales people say they are the why does'nt everyone go with multi focal so  they dont need glasses
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