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cataracts symptoms

Hi l am 47 years old and recently been diagnosed with early stage cataracts. My vision is still pity good, but l noticed recently my close up reading vision in my left eye is not as good but distance vision in that eye still very good, l went to the optomerist and he said its just ageing and he gave me reading glasses, could the blurring close up vision in my left eye be a symptom of cataracts or is it just ageing like the optomerist said?
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aging of the eye, read about it, called "presbyopia' gets much worse as you get older.
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thanks so if my cataracts gets worse vision would be not just be blurred close up it would be blurred both close up and the disatance?
generally cataracts blur distance vision much more than near vision. In fact as cataracts grow sometime vision at near gets better as distance gets worse. This is due to the cataract cause pseudo-myopia. The old time name for this was "second sight'
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