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cloudy blurry vision after lens replacement with Technis lens

Hello Dr. Feldman,    I would like to know if there is anything out there in the world of eye technology that could improve my vision which is failing rapidly on a daily basis. I had a tiny cataract in my left eye and was extremely nearsighted as a young child. Eye surgery was recommended. I was sixty five when I had the surgery and from that point on, it was all down hill. I was blinded into the low vision group before  I even healed from the surgery. I thought it was just a temporary side effect but it never went away and only got worse after three months. The surgeon used a multi focal lens which I found later to be an error on his part. This has become the biggest debilitation of my life because I cannot see up close and my middle vision was destroyed during this surgery. I  hope you have some good news for  me. The Drs. I am seing right now suggest a yag capsulotomy but after all the bad luck I've had so far, I'm afraid to take the chance. I can't even get glasses anymore because they can't correct this. Thank you, Adrienne B.
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Dr Feldman is off so I am going to answer.  Basically, if you feel the problems are related to the multifocal lens (which they very well could be) then you need to at least consider the idea of a lens exchange surgery.  Please wait on the yag capsulotomy until after you have gotten a second opinion from a very skilled cataract surgeon. Keep in mind that the yag capsulotomy will make lens exchange surgery much, much more difficult.  Of course, it is essential to make sure there is not some other cause for your misery.  Your job is to get a second opinion.  Questions to be answered:  what is the cause of my problems?  If it is due to the tecnis multifocal implant, then can it be exchanged for a monofocal implant?
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I had cataract surgery in both eyes last year at the Salinas, CA. Eye clinic. Everything went well and I could see great. But after about 7 months I noticed my vision was getting worst, blurry and I had to carry a wet cloth at all times to use on my eyes. I am very displeased with the lens replacement, which was supposed to be the best lens...Restor. I went back to the clinic and my Dr. said he had told me I would need to wear glasses even after the lens replacement...he did not tell me that, as I was adamant that I did not want to ever have to wear glasses or contacts. I asked him about putting in new lens and he said that it was not possible. After research I know he was lying and did not want to accept any responsibility. What should I do?

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