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confused and how.

In Dec . I fell ill . Diagnosed with nothing more than vitamin d and b 12 deficiency & a bacterial infection ( not in the eye ) . My symptoms then were body pain, fatigue.  In Jan I experienced sudden onset of floaters & my vision became little blur . I got an eye exam done and the Dr . Said my eyes were fine but my number had increased - 1 and - 1. After 2 3 months I got symptoms like dry eyes, eye floaters , white bacteria type spots shooting when I look in the sky, when I remove my specs my eyes feel too exposed to the environment causing discomfort, when I roll my eyes round there is slight pain . I went for a check up to 3 opthamalogist.

1st one said my eyes are fine .

After 1 month

my symptoms - mentioned above still persist.

2nd one said i have lattice degeneration with holes
( but none of my symptoms are due to this)
the jelly in my eyes is in very good condition still I have floaters. Gave me lubricant and said
they should be fine and to get the laser surgery done.

3rd one said i have lattice degeneration with holes .
i need to do laser . Floaters are because of the jelly degenation and those white
moving shooting spots are normal

4th one said i have lattice degeneration with holes .
The floaters are due to the jelly. Eye pain and discomfort due to surface problems and I should get
The laser surgery done for safety.

I am really confused to what's happening with my eyes .

My symptoms now are floaters black ones as well as white spots ones which have increased.
Dryness in the eyes . Feeling of foreign object when nothing is present ..
my number is - 1 / - .5 cyc almost  same in the other other eye
I still see white spots which shoot in various directions
eye pain at times ( not very often )
I am still not comfortable in day light without specs as I feel too much pressure
in the eyes ..
My vitamin d levels are now 145 + and b12 is 356.
body pain and heart palpitations still exist . Don't know if they all related
Please help ..
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