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confused need answer

I was having floaters and flashes in left eye, went to ER because my eye DR was not open, I called my MD and on her advise I went to ER the DR that was on call checked my eye and told me to use eye drops and if it did not go away in 3 or so days , go to my eye DR. So I did visit my eye Dr , she said I have a small HOLE, not a tear in my retinal .She said that she needs to check me in one month, she also said I could have lazer to fix it if I did not want to wait. She did a process that maps the eye and showed me what the hole looks like, she pointed out that there was pigmentation surrounding the hole so it had began to heal itself. So here is where I am confused at after reading posts  on this site , you mentioned that retinal holes are not fixed ,so why am I having flashes of light and floaters are they from the HOLE, AND WHY WOULD I HAVE PIGMENTATION SURROUNDING IT? SO a couple of questions I want answered along with if my eye is healing itself how long it takes. My eye DR gave me her personal cell number in case I notice anymore changes as she told me to call her ASAP. I would appreciate it very much if you would address all my concerns as I have asked this before and they were not addressed . concerning the pigmentation as well as the other concerns, thanks looking forward to a complete responce
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See my previous posts.  Most patients with flashes and floaters do not develop retina tears.  The new onset of floater should be checked for the first few months.  Most tears not present on initial exam may develop 4 to 6 later. Go in sooner if there is a change or increase in floater, flashes, loss of side vision, etc.  Round holes do not need to treated, pigmented or not.

Dr. O
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