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confusing eyeglasses perscription

I've been wearing glasses for about a year with sphere OD of -0.5 and OS of -0.25. I used the glasses mostly for driving or movies, meaning for distance vision. They helped me mostly in reading road signs. A month ago I broke those glasses and decided it's time for another pair and another prescription because it's been a year since my last eye exam. So I went to LensCrafters for the eye exam, and they said that my prescription changed just a little bit from before and that my new glasses will again be just for distance. I didn't pay much attention to the prescription while I was there, but when I got home and wanted to order glasses online, I found the prescription very strange.

It still said that I should use the glasses for "distance only" and "as needed" but the rest is like this:

Sphere p1 (or pl or I don't know what it might be)
Cylinder -0.25
Axis 095
Sphere +0.50
Cylinder -0.50
Axis 097

Also, they didn't include my PD, so I'll have to measure it myself.
I know what cylinder and axis are for, but I don't know what to make of the sphere. Why is the OS value + when I should use the glasses for distance vision? What does the OD value mean and how should I read it?

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Your first pair of glasses was an extremely weak correction for myopia and would help the distance. Your most recent glasses are even weaker (almost window glass) and correct mainly for astigmatism.  the sphere on OD is pl  an abbreviation for "plano" which means no correction in the sphere part.

These are extremely weak, almost 'window' glass. It's also different that your old Rx.

the pupillary distance (PD) is generally NOT included and is measured by the optician that makes the glasses.

Where-ever you order your new glasses (if you do-I have very few people that wear glasses that weak) you want to be sure you can get your money back if you don't like them or find them useful.

JCH III MD Ophthalmologist Eye MD
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