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What are the difference between ordinary lenses and hybrid contact lenses?
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yup, jodiej is right about hybrid lenses being a hard lens in the center with a soft skirt.

I've tried them. I found them more comfortable than a RGP lens and could tolerate wearing them for 8+ hours, with RGP lenses I was lucky if I got 6 hours of wear. Unfortunately, vision clarity with hybrid contacts and soft contacts was lacking compared to glasses, RGP lenses gave similar clarity to glasses. However, I can't say that RGP lenses gave better clarity than the hybrids because my Rx and overall eye health was so different during the trial with RGP lenses vs. hybrid lenses (RGP and soft contact wear was done pre-retinal detachment/phakic/less problems with dry eye, and hybrid lens wear was done post-retinal detachment/aphakic/dry eyes)

The hybrid lenses are more expensive than RGPs and soft lenses and you must find a doctor who fits them. There is also a slight learning curve in inserting and removing the hybrids.
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I believe that hyhrid contacts are hard in the center and soft around the edges.  They are advertised as being more comfortable than ordinary hard contacts but (allegedly) provide sharper vision than a soft contact.  The few comments I've read about them online suggest that they aren't that comfortable, at least for some wearers.
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Unfortunately, I do not do contact lenses.  Please post with Dr. Hagan on an odd day.  He may have some experience.

Dr. O.
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