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crusty, glued eyes in the AM

I was diagnosed with GPC and recently ended the use of steroid drops. Ever since I've stoped the steroid drops, I've woken up with crusty, glued eyes. Could the lingering GPC be causing this? I've been doing artificial tears multiples times a day and Pataday drops 2x a day.  I have a follow up appointment soon, I'm thinking about trying to move it up if this is something serious.
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I've reviewed your previous posts and I noted it takes months to get GPC to clear even without wearing contacts.  Few other things:  1 besure you are not sleeping under a fan or have fans running the the bedroom. It dries the lower cornea and can cause these symptoms.  I'm assuming you do not have sleep apnea and have to wear a CPAP as that can cause it. Try using a night time lubricant like Refresh PM or a lubricating drop that is labeled a 'gel'
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