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crystals from the back of the eye socket

First I felt something sharp inside the back of my like sand or a crystal, when I fished that out another appeared about an hour later, since then about 4 months ago it's been a constant stream which build up behind my eye socket forming sometimes a wall if I don't constantly squeeze them out. The crystals look small and white but the eye itself is fine and painless with no mucus worth talking about though it is red raw from the constant rubbing and squeezing. I tried for a while actually cupping water into the eye and flushing them out which helped with the rash from rubbing and on one occasion tried to clean them all out for about 6 hours flushing every few minutes as more came out until I could feel like a whole space round my eye socket but there was always a small patch which was unmovable, actually it felt like they were attached to my optic nerve.

I constantly have to blink to move them round to the side which makes removal easier, sometimes they come out as large crystals or at least they feel that way, they're really smaller than salt crystals but look similar, other times it's more like fine dust usually after forcing shower water in round them.

I'm 43 in fine health and have seen a doctor who thought it was an allergy and gave me drops, washes and tablets but none worked, I've also tried anti biotics and other chemist drops, even tea. Anything unusual might be that I sweat abnormally the then said an operation was the only cure but better to get rid of toxins and keep the wait down.

Hope you can help as it's driving me nuts.

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Dear technician43,
You should consult an ophthalmologist, an Eye MD. The crystals are from the front of the eye--not the optic nerve or eye socket. The crystals are dried mucus. They are a sign of overproduction due to inflammation which could be anything from a chronic low grade infection to an allergy from contact with something. You can find a list of Eye MD's in your area at www.aao.org.
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Thanks very much for your time, going by my spelling it must be affecting my brain too anyway there is no eye specialist on this island from your list. I live in the Canary Islands, fuerteventura and would have to travel to Tenerife but can't afford one anyway. The condition is better than it used to be so I'm hoping with your advise it might clear up itself eventually.

If it's dried mucus then the solution seems to be to let it build and hopefully it will be absorbed because at present every time I rub it I'm also rubbing out other stuff with it and leaving a section of my eye dry where I'm rubbing which no doubt makes it worse.

Maybe whatever caused it in the first case may even have gone and I'm the one keeping it going, it's building as I type this but has reached a peak so fingers crossed.

Again thank you
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