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dark/black circular blob after having retinal detachment surgery

After having retinal detachment surgery (buckle and gas bubble) there's been a dark/black circular blob that appears during activities such as bending, smiling, or if anxious.

It travels from outer left corner to the bottom left of the eye. Thought it could be liquid but not too sure.
It appears briefly for a second then goes. Also noticed that in that area cannot see things as well, almost like peripheral vision is very faded in bottom left. If looking straight, cannot see hand while tapping shoulder. Can just about see bright lights such as phone or laptop screen.

What can this be? Is this normal?
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You need to discuss with your retina surgeon.  I can't tell for sure. Could be air, gas, blood, vitreous floater.  Remember if a person has a RD in one eye, the risk of RD in the other eye is very high. Report any new floaters, flashes or loss of peripheral vision immediately to your retina surgeon.
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Thank you for your answer. Also the gas bubble appeared to disappear in the 10th week however in 12th week when looking up, small circles would appear and bunch together. Almost certain that it was the gas bubble broken up and had been out of vision all that time. And just noticed in 12th week that when looking directly at a lamp bulb, there's an almost transparent circle covering approx 50% of vision with water-like marks inside it. Hard to describe, similar to looking at a petri dish with germs in it. Cant see this in normal day to day light.

Does this mean there is still remaining gas bubble or has the gas bubble left a stain over the vision/ pupil?
Gas not leave ‘stains’. Could still be gas if SF6 was used. Retina surgery is so unique and individualistic that it not possible to generalize  
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