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defective vision in right eye due a blast injury

Hello Doctor's,
12 years back my brother had met with blast injury. At time his right eye was severely injured. The doctoe who examined the patient said his eye nerves was detached, so hereafter he will not have vision in his right eye.

Now i am trying to get, whether we do anything with the latest technology.
Till this point he living with left eye vision only

I have attached the report details.
Please help us.
We are stuck with what to do. Please help us.

This is to report that Mr. xxxx 25 years of old male came to our hosital on 12.08.00 with complaints of pain and
defective vision in right eye following a blast injury.
On examination his best corrected visual was 1\60 in right eye and 6\6p in left eye.
Anterior segment examination showed scleral tear with prolapse of uveal tissue and hyphema in right eye and corneal abrasion in left eye.
Fundus examination showed vitreous haemorrhage with inferior Retinal Detachment in reight eye and normal in left eye.
He underwent scleral tear suturing on 13.08.200. On 3rd post op day he developed total Retenial Detachment with vitreous haemorrhage with Posterior Vitreous
Detachment with peripheral Choroidal Detachment + total Retinal Detachment in right eye.
As per our advice, patient underwenr right eye SB + TPPV + IOFB removal + TPPL +FAE +SOI GA on 23.08.2000.

He reviewed with us regularly. On 23.02.01, he developed re Retinal Detachment with severe PVR chnages.
He was advised observation only.His last review was on 21.03.09, best corrected visual acuity wsa PL + in right eye and 6\6 in left eye.
Anterior segment examination showed band shaped keratopathy in right eye and normal in left eye.
There was no view of fundus in right eye and normal in left eye.
He is advised best blasses for left eye and asked to review with us after 1 month.
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Based on the mechanism and extent of the injury in his right eye, his visual prognosis is fairly poor.  An analogy I like to use with patients is that if you imagine your eye to be a camera, the retina represents the film, therefore when the film is severely damaged, no matter how everything else is made to improve, one still is unable to take good pictures.  The only things else I would consider is a second opinion from a retinal specialist regarding if any more can be done to improve the vision in the right eye.  Otherwise, I would advise safety glasses at all times to protect the vision on the left.
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