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dialation and contraction pupils

One night I went to the bathroom after I was washing my hands I noticed my pupils were dialating and contracting (low light condition aka night light) so I looked closely into the mirror witch put my right I in the dark so i could only see my left eye in the light and so I saw it dialate and contract randomly (not rapidly either) so i turned on the bathroom light and they seemed to stop but it looks like they both kept on doing that but very slightly. This has never been going on since about a moth ago and i was wondering if this is something i should be worried about.
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Probably due to your focusing at different distances.  Given there are medical conditions that could affect the way the eyes dilate and constrict though, you should schedule an exam with an ophthalmologist to check your pupil reaction.  Very important they do not dilate you before you see the doctor though.

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