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discovered posterior staphyloma in both eyes

Earlier this year I discovered that I have posterior staphyloma in both eyes. I learned this when I experienced my second vitreous detachment in January (left eye; had the same detachment about 15 years ago in the right eye). The staphyloma is much worse in the right eye than the left (about a 45 degree angle in the right eye; 20 in the left). Based on what I've read online, I'm wondering if there is any viable solution. It's much harder to read and use the computer with both conditions in both eyes; prior to the vitreous detachment in the left eye, I was depending on my left eye for good vision. My ophthamologist tells me there is about a 25% success rate for remedying a posterior staphyloma. His view is I keep chugging along as I am. However, I'm only 64 and wonder what I can do to regain better vision, or at least halt further degeneration.
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Most posterior staphyloma (SP) are stable in patients in their 60s. The eye wall sclera gets tough and calcific as we age and does not stretch like it does in the very young.  Thus its likely your changes in vision are due to other aging changes such as cataracts or macular degeneration or uncorrected refractive error rather than a progressive staphyloma.

I share your ophthalmologists view about the low success rate of trying to stabilize progressive macular SP in the young.

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My brother is suffering from anterior Staphyloma and he is no longer seeing with one of the eye. What do we do concerning this situation .
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If an anterior staphyloma is present from birth and the eye is severely mis-shapened and distorted there is no good treatment  If they eye had good vision at one time and something has changed he might be helped. The most important thing is to be sure his remaining normal eye remains free from disease, injury or damaged by systemic disease or imprudent life style (e.g. smoking)

Severe congential anterior staphyloma often requires removing the bad eye because of pain, infection or other problem.
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I have posterior staphyloma in both eyes.  My doctor recommends/suggests/discussed a procedure where a silicone patch is placed behind the protrusion to stifle the the extension of the wall.  Is this a tested procedure?   How can you treat posterior staphyloma? I am 42. Thanks.  
Most posterior staphyloma do not need treatment and there is no highly successful treatment. The procedure you describe is huge surgery and before you sign up for it I would get two additional opinions from different retina surgeons.
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