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double vision in one eye, seriously need help

i have been going through the ringer for the last two years regarding my right eye.
the left eye is legally blind, i am a creative by trade, and life appears to be falling apart with my vision going down the drain.

here's what's happening:
strong ghosting, a lot of glare streaks, light sensitivity in the right eye only.
the ghost images move, depending on where i look and how far open my eyelid is.
this goes on all the time, with maybe a day per week where it isn't so bad.
i wear glasses, am far sighted, my lenses are progressives.

when it first started happening, it would be a sudden change, like a film covering my field of vision.
it would come and stay for some hours and then disappear, maybe every three days.  went to my eye doc, who said i had dry eye.

started lubricating drops - no change.

it became more frequent and i asked to see an ophthomologist, who said my meibomian glands were not functioning properly, rx'd restasis drops and recommended compresses and lid hygiene, also omega-3 supplements.  did all that, still am doing it (sans restasis, since long term use is not recommended/eye pressure), no change.

was referred to a corneal specialist, who basically just made me mad.  he offered nothing.  my impression is that he thought i was making a mountain out of a molehill, that i was not being truthful when i tried to explain to what extend my vision was affected by "?".

what i think:
i don't think this is dry eye.  i think there is something going on with the muscles in my eye not focusing.  i have googled this extensively and want to rule out things like MS, graves disease, something wrong with the optic nerve, etc., and am very disappointed to not be taken seriously with this line of questions - and i have asked numerous times.  other symptoms that might tie into a diagnosis are some muscle weakness and heat intolerance.  have those.

the information i find on dry eye does include the possibility of blurry vision, ghosting, etc, but does not stress this.  also: the vision difficulties are not changed one bit by the addition of lubrication, by blinking, and so forth.

my next step will be to get my thyroid checked to see if anything shows up there.

other things i have done: started hormone replacement (b/c that is said to be a tie-in to dryness), lutein, vitA, apple cider vinegar lid washes (that actually feels good), more rest, computer-less days, nothing has helped.

there's a lot riding on this eye and i really need to find a solution.
if anyone can help, i would love to have your input.

many thanks for reading.
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You may not like this, but it DOES soun like a form of Dry eye.  Tears are a complex mix.  There is a watery component, the failure of which is helped by Restasis.  There is also Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, failure of the oil glands, and for this Restasis is no help.  This is the form I have.

What works for me is to make sure my hormone replacement levels for a postmenopausal lady are OK, to use warm compresses on my eyes for four minutes before bed (as well as in the am if the humidity is Iow), plus a dab o something like Lacrilube, just a small one, at bedtime every night.  I find that the drops are too short acting at night.

if your cornea is unhappy due to dry eye, roasacea, or allergy, it will give you faulty vision, since that is where refraction beginsl
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I totally get you.  It took 3 years of following me before my opthalmologist had seen my vision go up down and all around enough to refer me to a neuro opthalmologist with all of his documentation -- but it was very thorough and there was no denying his meticulous findings.  It was frustrating because he started with Nothing Confirmed.  Then when he would see something himself, he would put it on his list as -- Anasacoria Confirmed.  Etc.  It took a long time.  My mono diplopia, whichi have in both eyes, is also pretty crippling at times.  Sometimes I can't read at all, no matter how large I make the screen.  And so much for drawing.  I have to use charcoal and blur, because I can't see which line is the right line.  If I really need to know, I ask my daughter.  Anyway, mono diplopia can be more than dry eye.  It can be a refraction error, for example.  One test you can do is a pinhole test.  Poke a hole in a paper and look through it.  If you don't see the doubling, that is a refraction type of error that can be corrected.  If rest isn't affecting the diplopia, then it seems less likely to be muscular fatigue.  Does your vision get better in bright light or dim light?  One forces your mucles tighter and one looser.  They also require different things from your nerves.  If it were me, having gotten answers I didn't agree with, I'd experiment and do some research (or have someone help me).  Best of luck to you.
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