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dry eye/blepheratis

I had surgery done, mini facial Nov. 7th, since that time one eye has horrible problems...  itchy, stinging, draininng, irritated to light, etc. etc.  Have been to the Bascom Palmer Institute several times now, and now they put a tube in the inside, doesn't really help.... I am afraid that this happened during the surgery, since it was done Saturday, Monday for check-up and I already could not open my eye, I have been doing comp-ressess, scrubbing lashes, drops, gel etc. etc. plus have been put now several times on steroid drops... they seem to help very good, but how long can you do that and my question is, should I go to a neurologist.... is this possible that a nerve was touched/damaged during my facial??  although I didn't do anything to the eyes.....
It is horrible living this way, used to use make-up, feel good..... that is alll gone!  An eye problem is one of the worst things!
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Your question is not stated that clearly, so I am going to guess what happened. First, you had no eye symptoms before surgery. Then you had a minifacial (not sure what that is).  This may have caused over-tightening of the skin around the eyelids, causing you to have trouble blinking your eyes fully shut AND causing you to sleep with your eyes slightly open at night.  This led to rapid eye dryness with many symptoms, which caused blepharospasm (difficulty opening eyelids) as a secondary protective event.  You should see an oculoplastics surgeon.  You can find one at www.aao.org or also at www.asoprs.org.   You need to  understand what the underlying nature of the problem is.
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