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dry eye solution

I just wanted to tell everyone a solution for chronic dry eyes: Oakley (brand) wrap glasses!

Support: My eyes were red, irritated and painful until I got a pair of Oakley wrap glasses. I had spent years going to eye doctors (I was an accountant looking at small numbers all day), but this natural solution (with no side effects) works best. These glasses protect much better than lubricating-eye drops (such as prescription Restasis) or punctal plugs (inserted into tear ducts).

I'm wearing Oakley’s “Fives Squared” wraps, which are very comfortable. (You would want a style that does not leak air in, because it is too loose.) Oakley is the only company that makes wrap glasses in clear, prescription lenses. (Both Maui-Jim and Ray Ban make only polarized, prescription lenses (for just sunglasses).
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Thank you for the post!  Panoptyx also makes a wrap-around lens to help prevent tear evaporation.  
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