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enlarged eye pupil

how to treat an enlarged eye pupil that causes extreme light sensitivypatient is an 84 year ole female who is blind in left eye with diminsed sight in right.she developed a MRSAinfection in right eye after catarect surgery.treatment with vicodan and pred forte saved some sight but may have resulted in enlarged pupil.How to treat enlarged eye pupil(she also has glaucoma)
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That's a difficult question.  Chances are the pupil is abnormally large as a result of either complications from surgery or damage to the iris from the infection.  There is no real good way to decrease the pupil size.  You could try Pilocarpine drops under your doctor's discretion but if the iris is damaged that likely will not work.  Surgical options are too risky in such a "sick" eye and colored contact lenses in a one eyed patient with a history of a bad infection is a bad idea.  She should likely get used to wearing sunglasses to help with the sensitivity to light as all the other options (please discuss with the ophthalmologist) don't look too good given her history.

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